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The Co-operators introduces green insurance options, socially responsible investment funds

Dec 1, 2008

    GUELPH, ON, Dec. 1 /CNW/ - Canadians want their values and priorities to
be reflected in financial services and products, and The Co-operators is
introducing three new offerings that do just that. Today, the organization
unveiled new initiatives in its home insurance, auto insurance and investment
portfolios that promote environmentally, socially and economically responsible
    "Co-operators agents are eager to support the decisions of responsible
and conscientious Canadians who are helping to create a healthier, more
sustainable world for all of us," said Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO of
The Co-operators. "With these three new options added to our suite of
products, our agents are well equipped to meet the growing demand for
sustainable alternatives."
    Enviroguard(TM) is Canada's first national home insurance endorsement
that will provide an additional 10 per cent of coverage, up to $50,000, to
restore property with environmentally-friendly alternatives following a claim.
For $40 per year, homeowners will have the choice of directing the additional
claim payment as they wish, toward such things as energy efficient appliances,
eco-friendly building material, and renewable energy to make the home more
    Effective today, drivers in Alberta and Ontario who insure their hybrid
electric vehicles with The Co-operators will receive a five per cent discount
on their auto insurance. The program will be expanded to the rest of Canada by
the end of 2009.
    The Co-operators is also introducing new Socially Responsible Investment
(SRI) options to its suite of investment products. The SRI funds will be made
available to both group and individual clients beginning in January 2009. In
addition to financial performance, SRI funds allow individuals to invest in
companies with strong records of environmental protection, human rights,
product safety, and responsiveness to stakeholder concerns.
    The three new offerings will be made available through The Co-operators
agents in communities across Canada.

    About The Co-operators:

    Based in Guelph, Ontario, The Co-operators is a group of Canadian
companies offering home, auto, life, group, travel, commercial and farm
insurance, as well as investment products. The Co-operators Group Limited is a
100 per cent Canadian-owned co-operative with assets of $7 billion. It is
owned by a group of Canadian co-operatives, credit unions and like-minded
organizations. It is well known for its community involvement, and is listed
among the 50 Best Employers in Canada.
For further information: Leonard Sharman, The Co-operators,
1-877-795-7272, ext. 2707

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