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New DVD launched to help boost child safety in Canada

Apr 3, 2008

    GUELPH, ON, April 3 /CNW/ - Parents want the best for their children but
statistics show they often unwittingly put them at risk when installing car
seats in the family vehicle. Did you know that a properly installed child car
seat can help prevent up to 75 per cent of injuries and deaths that result
from vehicle collisions? To educate parents, caregivers and others The
Co-operators, in partnership with the Infant and Toddler Safety Association,
today released an instructional video entitled Car Seat Safety Check. The DVD
provides step-by-step instructions for selecting appropriate car seats and
installing them properly.
    "There are many different types of car seat sold in Canada, and each
vehicle is a little different. This makes proper installation more difficult
than you might imagine," explained Jayne Russell of The Co-operators. "We
reach as many people as we can through our clinics, but clearly we need to do
more. We produced the video as a way of complementing the service and advice
we offer at our clinics. It's just one more tool parents can use to make sure
their little ones are safe on the road."
    However, current demand for the Buckle Up Bears clinics exceeds the
ability to offer them. This DVD supplements the clinics by giving parents the
tools to verify correct car seat use without needing to attend a clinic. Along
with helpful tips in the DVD, by following the manufacturer's instructions and
the vehicle owner's manual, parents can feel more confident about the safety
of their children when on the road.
    Buckle Up Bears is an award-winning partnership between The Co-operators
and the Infant and Toddler Safety Association, (ITSA). Through it nearly
1,600 car seats were inspected and installed at 96 Buckle Up Bears clinics
across Canada. The clinics are made possible by Co-operators staff and agents
who volunteer their time, with the support of various community partners.
    A limited number of the DVDs are available. To order a free copy, email ITSA, which also produces car seat education
materials, can be reached at 1-888-570-0181.

    About The Co-operators:

    Based in Guelph, Ontario, The Co-operators is a group of Canadian
companies offering home, auto, life, group, travel, commercial and farm
insurance, as well as investment products. The Co-operators Group Limited is a
100 per cent Canadian-owned co-operative with assets of $7 billion. It is
owned by a group of Canadian co-operatives, credit unions and like-minded
organizations. It is well known for its community involvement, and is listed
among the 50 Best Employers in Canada.

For further information: Leonard Sharman, The Co-operators,
1-877-795-7272, ext. 2707

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